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Country Codes

Having trouble deciphering the 2-letter geocodes used with our dynamic routing filter? Here is a geocode decode.


Get one click link shortening anywhere you go on the internet! And automatically shorten address of the page you are currently on. onto your toolbar. Once Tiny is on your Firefox, Safari or Chrome toolbar, or in your Internet Explorer Bookmarks, you can shorten from the site you are visiting. A tiny link will be created for the URL currently in your address bar, with just a mouse click. You won't need to copy and paste that URL into our site first, it will be done automatically. Drag and drop this icon to your browser's toolbar.

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To use with Internet Explorer:  Right bookmarklet icon then - click Add to Favorites... click Yes if a security alert pops-up (this is simply showing you that the link contains javascript). Click OK to add Tiny to your Favorites list, or highlight "Links" then OK to put Tiny onto your Explorer toolbar. If your Links toolbar is not visible, you can enable it in View >Toolbars > Links at the top of your web browser. Your browser must be enabled to allow JavaScript. Also, make sure your popup blocker allows the tiny.cc domain.

If you are seeing message: This server may not let you use TINYCC bookmarklet on HTTPS pages it is because some servers impose restrictive content policies . These are policies are controlled by content-security-policy HTTP header and is respected by modern browsers. Note: these policies can apply not only to HTTPS pages, but also to HTTP pages. It depends on each specific website/server configuration.

QR tools

tinyurl QR codes
QR (quick response)Code uses include traditional offline publications such as newspapers and magazines; making them more interactive by integrating hyperlinks and other internet resources into articles. Ads, coupons and affiliate links can be integrated as well. Marketing uses include business cards (you can order business cards with your QR-code on the backside), T-shirts, product packing, signs, etc. TIP: Print your code on printable sticker paper for more options and versatility. Uses and locations for these are nearly unlimited.

• Our default QR is 150px. Need a larger one? Click the "Print QR" button to get 500px. It will print out at 500 px or you can also cancel the print and Save Image As...
• You can switch the error correction level between L (7%), Q (25%), H (30%). L is the default and lowest dots per inch (DPI). For business cards and most other situations L will work fine. For customizing you will need a higher level of error correction.

Use L when you want a simple, lower DPI QR - or to fit a small area such as on a business card. For customizing purposes use a higher error correction level such as H (30% can be lost or damaged) or Q (25% can be lost or damaged). By adding a logo or text to the center of the QR code you are basically damaging it and relying on the redundancy of this error correction to compensate and make it function. Customizing can be a trial and error process. If you have gone too far with your art work, the QR will stop functioning! To customize, download the QR then insert your image or text using Photoshop - similar to the example below:


Use Tiny to track QR Code campaigns

Tiny can provide tracking stats and also generate free QR codes.

Tiny QR codes.

Need marketing insight for your business?

Understand your traffic with Tiny's more powerful and easier to use statistics. We can help grow your audience and increase traffic. Shorten a link for your ad campaign and track it. Hide a link. Have an address that you don't want to reveal... such as an affiliate link? Cloak and redirect it - the recipient will only see a short address containing the tiny.cc domain. Make a link to your online survey or invitation. And Tiny has more advanced tools such as a traffic filter that is perfect for marketing, surveys or research projects.

Track banner Ads for internet marketing

An Ad is a piece of html code that includes a URL to refer the visitor to a merchants's web site. Convert it into a Tiny URL and replace it in the Ad's html code. When clicked it works behind the scenes to gather stats and redirect visitors to your seller's landing page or web site. This allows you to track Ads by viewing statistics related to user clicks.
Campaign Tracking: convert referrer or affiliate URLs into tiny's and use on Ads, emails, hyperlinks and track their success.
Action Tracking: convert action links (form submissions, signups, opt-ins, survey or checkout completions) into tiny's so you know which entry pages attract the most visitors and which pages are converting them. Test ad variations, ad copy or search terms.